Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I unable to send text/photos from my iOS device?
If you are using iOS9 or above, please use the method below:
  1. FOR TEXT: Install the Pasteasy widget in the notification sheet. "Copy" the text and send it via the Pasteasy widget.
  2. FOR PHOTOS: "Copy" the photo and use the Pasteasy widget to send it. Alternatively, select the photos and share to "Send via Pasteasy".

This change was introduced in response to changes Apple made in iOS9.

Why is Pasteasy not running on my Windows computer?
If you are experiencing this issue, please try deleting this file and restart Pasteasy:
  1. C://users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Pasteasy/pasteasy.cfg
What is Pasteasy?
Pasteasy is a nifty mobile app that helps you quickly and easily transfer text and photos from one device to another via copy-paste over WiFi.
How do I get started?
Download and install the Pasteasy app on two devices, for example, your mobile phone and your computer. After connecting both devices to the same WiFi network, use the mobile app to scan the barcode of the other device. Now you can copy and paste photos, screenshots, camera shoots, notes, messages and links between the two devices.
How do I display the Pasteasy barcode on the Mac?
Look for the Pasteasy icon in the menu bar (top) of your Mac. The icon looks like a inverted glue bottle in grey color. Click it to display the barcode.
How do I share my clipboard text?
Once the devices are connected to each other, simply copy text from any application, say Whatsapp, and then paste it in any application on the other device.
Where is the copied text received?
The text is in the clipboard of the receiving device, ready to paste into any application.
How do I temporarily stop receiving clipboard updates on my phone, without disconnecting from my computer?
You can press "Pause" on the computer app to stop sending clipboard updates, until you press "Resume".
How do I share my photos?
iPhone/iPad: Once the devices are connected to each other, simply select one or multiple photos from your photo gallery and press copy. The photos will be automatically saved in the photo album of the other device, as well as available for pasting to any app.

Android: Once the devices are connected to each other, simply select one or multiple photos from your photo gallery, press share and select Pasteasy. The photos will be automatically saved in the photo gallery of the other device, as well as available for sharing to any app on it.

Where is the photo that I received on the Mac from my phone?
The photo(s) is in the clipboard of the Mac, ready to paste in any application. It is also saved in a folder accessible via the top left corner of the Pasteasy app.
My Mac is receiving text copied on the phone, but not photos.
Try turning off your Mac firewall from System Preferences and test.
When I scan the barcode, I get a 206.x error regarding my WiFi network.
206.0 error may be due to slow WiFi, computer firewall, or a WiFi router configuration preventing peer-to-peer communication.

206.1 error may be because your devices are connected to different WiFi networks.

206.2 error may be because the devices are connected to the same WiFi network but different routers.

206.3 error may be because your WiFi router has "AP Isolation" or "WiFi Isolation" or "Client Isolation" or "Guest Mode" enabled.

Can I have more than two devices connected?
Yes. Scan the barcode of any device to add it to the connected devices.
Can I use Pasteasy to connect two computers?
Yes, simply use a mobile device to connect to each of them, and they will be interconnected. You may then disconnect the mobile device at that point and the two computers will stay connected to each other.
Are my clipboard text or photos sent to the cloud?
No, your clipboard text or photos are shared locally between the devices. Nothing is sent to the Cloud or servers, there aren't any. You don't even need to login or create an account.
Can I share files other than photos?
More file formats will be supported and are on their way soon!
Why does Pasteasy go to sleep in 3 minutes on my iPhone/iPad?
Unfortunately iOS restricts the Pasteasy app to go to sleep after 3 minutes of being in the background. To continue using Pasteasy, simply re-launch the app. If you have connected the iOS app to a Mac or another iOS device, please enable Bluetooth on the devices to prevent the iOS app from going to sleep. There is insignificant impact on battery life as Pasteasy uses Bluetooth LE. Sometimes the iOS app running in background might be terminated by the system. In this case please re-launch the app.
Pasteasy goes to sleep on my iPhone in 3 minutes even though I have bluetooth enabled on both my Mac and iPhone.
Just disable and enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. Watch the Bluetooth icon in the status bar - it should flicker and turn solid white. If not, repeat till it does.
How do I know if my Mac has Bluetooth LE hardware?
The following Mac models have Bluetooth LE:
  1. MacBook Air (Mid 2012 and later)
  2. MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 and later)
  3. iMac (Late 2012 and later)
  4. Mac mini (Late 2012 and later)
  5. Mac Pro (Late 2013)
How do I share a screenshot?
Take a screenshot and you will receive it on the clipboard of the other device instantaneously.

To capture a screenshot on a Mac and send via Pasteasy, press Command(⌘)-Shift(⇧)-Control(^)-3 for a fullscreen, or Command(⌘)-Shift(⇧)-Control(^)-4 for a selection.

To capture a screenshot on Windows and send via Pasteasy, press the PrntScr key on the keyboard.

How do I copy from camera?
Take a picture using your mobile phone and you will get it on the other connected devices instantaneously. To quick look preview, please enable the setting inside Preferences of the Pasteasy computer app.
How do I set the clipboard history limit?
Adjust the value on the settings page for history limit.
Can I use Pasteasy without connecting to WiFi?
As for now, you have to connect to WiFi or use personal hotspot in order to use Pasteasy, but stay tuned for further developments, we are listening to you.
How do I use Pasteasy over personal hotspot/portable hotspot?
If you do not have access to WiFi, you may turn on your personal (portable) hotspot and connect your second device over WiFi.
Does Pasteasy for Mac work with Bartender or Launchbar?
Yes, please update to version 2 of Pasteasy and all will be fine.
Is my data secure and encrypted?
All your clipboard data is encrypted using industry-standard AES128 and shared locally with the other connected devices over WiFi. Your data is not sent to the cloud so you have control over the security and privacy of your data.
If I purchase the iPhone app, do I need to pay again when I download the iPad app?
No, if you purchase Pasteasy on your iPhone or iPad, it will be a free download for your other iOS device(s) using the same Apple ID.
How do I update my Windows firewall to work with Pasteasy?
Some firewalls will not permit applications such as Pasteasy (or any applications you or your systems administrator have not specifically allowed) to communicate on local networks. Generally, the first time Pasteasy or another application tries to access the local network, you will be asked if you would like to allow that application access. If you accidentally clicked No on that message (or if your firewall never asked for permission to allow Pasteasy access), you will not be able to use Pasteasy until you configure your firewall to allow Pasteasy to communicate on local networks.

With most firewalls, this is easy to do. Keep in mind that all firewalls are a bit different, but the process is usually as follows:

  1. Quit Pasteasy by right-clicking on the Pasteasy icon displayed in the System Tray (at the bottom right hand corner of your PC's screen) and click Exit.
  2. Open your firewall. If you can't find your firewall application, check the System Tray (at the bottom-right corner of the screen) for an icon. Usually, you can right-click this icon and select to open the firewall.
  3. Your firewall maintains a list of applications installed on your computer (usually under a heading like Settings or Program Control). In this list, locate the entry for Pasteasy.
  4. Configure the Pasteasy entry to allow it to receive incoming connections from devices in the network.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Launch Pasteasy.

    For comprehensive instructions on using your firewall software, refer to the software developer's website.

How do I exit the app? (for Android only)
Launch the app, swipe to the left to go to Settings and press Exit.
When will you support other platforms like Windows phone, Blackberry or Linux computers?
Please email your vote to and we will monitor the market demand for it.